Let me caress the curves of your mind
As you show me your naked soul
May I kiss your luscious words
And taste the fullness of your being?

Let me slide into the softness of your spirit
And enter breathlessly into your thought
Left quaking by the power of your passion
Then soothed by the warmth of your heart

Let me dip my fingers in your wisdom
And savor the dripping honey of your love
May I ride the waves of your endless vibration
To be reborn in the climax of your grace?

You are there right now before me
Open completely to who I am
You bade me come safely, fully
You receive the measure of this man

I burst forth in rapturous wonder
Unable to hold back anymore
I am hereby rent all asunder
I am thrown down onto the floor

Your hands are quick to catch me
They lift me to your breast
Your heartbeat heals me wholly
And I enter thy blissful rest