Vagabond (Song)

Come away with me now
I will tell you a story
One as old as the stars
In the sky above

I remember it when
Though the memory is fading
My reality shrouded in
Shadow would be made new

Hints of a color, growing bright
Off in the distance, catch my eye
Grayscale now fleeing, blinded now seeing

Listen to my refrain
The world can be lonely
Desolation had seemed
To be my only friend

But then the wilderness formed
An oasis of purpose
As I looked in your eyes
And you took me by the hand

Forward we go now to worlds unknown
Faster and further, no unturned stone
Chains now receding, cold heart now beating
With you

Breathe in me
A free and selfless destiny
Our journey there has only just begun

I have come to the end
Of this magical story
One of hope in the midst
Of a dreary land

Lifted up as I am
I can look all around me
Other vagabonds come
So I reach out with my hand

Each has a story, none are the same
“Rest for a while, I am glad you came”
Fear now retreating, love now receiving

Come away with me now
Can you tell me your story
By the light of the stars
In the sky above