Author: Jeremy


Earth ground youWind lift up your faceSunlight revive youLove, thy warm embrace Rain cleanse youWater quench your soulGarden of life nourish youLove make spirit whole Ancient magic inspire youNew energy thus createWisdom permeate youLove, thy constant state Nature envelope youPeace, your faithful friendUnderstanding compel youLove without an end

Save the World

Just imagineHow you can help save the worldMerely by: Looking someone deep in their eyes Telling them with utmost sincerity “I love you” And drawing them into a full, warm embrace that lasts longer than three f*cking seconds? Just minutes of your timeCould save someone’s soul, their sanity, their life. Friends, family, strangers, enemies…Love All. […]

Joy Remembering

Joy is simple to findIf we but slow down a momentAnd observe: The song of the nesting finch.The hum of the gathering bee.Sun against a blue sky warming a cool, breezy day.Intoxicating and transporting scents of eucalyptus and rosemary and sage.A child’s laugh, free and full.Change, growth, seasons.Wisdom, Love.Deep breaths after hard work.Sensual delights, enjoyed […]

Free Love

Free Love.Free.Love.From jealous godsAnd paper myths.From the endless pontificationOf insecure ego fiendsAnd sex-starved priests. Free Love.Free.Love.Transcend tradition.Escape expectation.Purge possessiveness.Unleash understanding. “Love is already free,” you say? Then free yourself to Love.


Why am I afraid ofLooking you in your eyes,Diving into your soul,And plumbing its depths? I know just what I’ll find there: It is all of me,For we are truly one. But I am still not ready,I’m still lacking in graceFor myselfTo face the entirety of who I am. So I cling to your goodnessIn […]


The Seeker took Sophia’s hands into his own, and, looking deep into Her eyes, said: “This Love we share is indescribable. But it needs to be shared with the whole world to foster understanding, healing, and growth. What shall we name it?” Sophia answered, “Does this Love need to have a label?” The Seeker replied, […]


I would rather errOn the side ofBeing over-the-topWith showingLOVE At the risk of being calledSillyorChildish Than to be tooStingyIn order to satisfy the JealousiesandInsecuritiesOf other people.

Little One

Welcome to the world,Little One.Why don’t you try on this mask for size? THIS god, not that one.Those politics are a little loose, gotta cinch them up a bit.Always remember, *our* country is the BEST!(at making money and war)Pull yourself up by the bootstraps already!Hurry it up, the shareholders are counting on YOU and the […]