Author: JWB


I hunger for your everything Your pheromones beckon meWith the promise of unearthly ecstacy I come, to the space of your existenceThe plane of your desireThe dimension of your being Prepare your feast for meDelicately wash your succulent fruitsAnd tease my taste budsWith a drizzle of your sweet honey Gather flowers from the fieldsAnd arrange […]

Vagabond (Song)

(VERSE 1)Come away with me nowI will tell you a storyOne as old as the starsIn the sky above I remember it whenThough the memory is fadingMy reality shrouded inShadow would be made new (CHORUS)Hints of a color, growing brightOff in the distance, catch my eyeGrayscale now fleeing, blinded now seeingYou (VERSE 2)Listen to my […]

Human Like Me (Song)

(VERSE 1)Lightning godsCome aliveIn the sight ofPrimate minds Power brokersWrite the booksEvangelizersHeartstring hooks (CHORUS)Human like meHuman like youSuperstitiousMonkey stew Human like youHuman like meBumbling aroundInfinity (VERSE 2)Vicious fablesKept in fearHate thy neighborEnd is near Black or whiteGray is goneUnderstandingTrampled on (CHORUS)Human like meHuman like youDeath evadingComforting few Human like youHuman like meIn retrospectionDelicate leaf (BRIDGE)RealityReal […]

Paradox (Song)

(CHORUS)ParadoxShuts my mouth againIce cold veins againParalyze me again (VERSE 1)Too awareOf my own biasesAnd many hypocrisiesFar be it from simple meTo impose my confusions on you (VERSE 2)Do you care?Why should I deignTo add one more refrainTo the bitter dark strainsOf humanity’s ego-filled brew? (CHORUS x 1) (VERSE 3)Do you know?Is it wisdom or […]


Let me caress the curves of your mindAs you show me your naked soulMay I kiss your luscious wordsAnd taste the fullness of your being? Let me slide into the softness of your spiritAnd enter breathlessly into your thoughtLeft quaking by the power of your passionThen soothed by the warmth of your heart Let me […]


As long as we continue toWhore ourselves out to[[[BIG DATA]]](The ceaselessly-mutating emission of Marketing’s eternal wet dream)All in the name ofFun and games, orConnection, orHits of dopamine, orFame,Trading identity and privacy andSerenity…A mere commodity…For money we’ll never seeThen we shall<NEVER>Be~ FREE ~. Where is the big EMPIn the skyThat will save us?


Earth ground youWind lift up your faceSunlight revive youLove, thy warm embrace Rain cleanse youWater quench your soulGarden of life nourish youLove make spirit whole Ancient magic inspire youNew energy thus createWisdom permeate youLove, thy constant state Nature envelope youPeace, your faithful friendUnderstanding compel youLove without an end

Save the World

Just imagineHow you can help save the worldMerely by: Looking someone deep in their eyes Telling them with utmost sincerity “I love you” And drawing them into a full, warm embrace that lasts longer than three f*cking seconds? Just minutes of your timeCould save someone’s soul, their sanity, their life. Friends, family, strangers, enemies…Love All. […]

Joy Remembering

Joy is simple to findIf we but slow down a momentAnd observe: The song of the nesting finch.The hum of the gathering bee.Sun against a blue sky warming a cool, breezy day.Intoxicating and transporting scents of eucalyptus and rosemary and sage.A child’s laugh, free and full.Change, growth, seasons.Wisdom, Love.Deep breaths after hard work.Sensual delights, enjoyed […]