Author: Jeremy


Why am I afraid ofLooking you in your eyes,Diving into your soul,And plumbing its depths? I know just what I’ll find there: It is all of me,For we are truly one. But I am still not ready,I’m still lacking in graceFor myselfTo face the entirety of who I am. So I cling to your goodnessIn […]


The Seeker took Sophia’s hands into his own, and, looking deep into Her eyes, said: “This Love we share is indescribable. But it needs to be shared with the whole world to foster understanding, healing, and growth. What shall we name it?” Sophia answered, “Does this Love need to have a label?” The Seeker replied, […]


I would rather errOn the side ofBeing over-the-topWith showingLOVE At the risk of being calledSillyorChildish Than to be tooStingyIn order to satisfy the JealousiesandInsecuritiesOf other people.

Little One

Welcome to the world,Little One.Why don’t you try on this mask for size? THIS god, not that one.Those politics are a little loose, gotta cinch them up a bit.Always remember, *our* country is the BEST!(at making money and war)Pull yourself up by the bootstraps already!Hurry it up, the shareholders are counting on YOU and the […]

Welcome to my Writings

Whether a short story, random thought, song lyric, script, or the start of a book, I’ll occasionally post my writings or writing project links here. Feel free to comment or Contact Me to find out more, or to engage my writing services for your project!

Darci the Drummer

Back in 2018, I released a self-published children’s book about music and drumming called “Darci the Drummer: Takes Drum Lessons”: It’s about a girl named Darci who passionately wants to be a great drummer, and she makes a LOT of noise banging around on pots and pans and everything in between (much to the chagrin […]

Short Story: “A Story of the Night”

The sidewalk glistened after the rain. The smell of tread asphalt, dusty graffitied glass, weathered steel, stale exhaust, incinerated weed, all assumed an almost fresh quality. A chilly, joyful breeze traversed each alleyway and street corner, bringing glad aromatic tidings of the recent rainwater that had fallen from the generous expanse above. Joyful breeze though […]

A moment to breathe

Just taking a moment today, January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day, to breathe deeply. Wisdom, peace, understanding, integrity, and love to you, President Joe Biden, and to you, Vice President Kamala Harris.

It’s 2002 again, part 2…

In the ongoing saga of my quitting social media (I know, my life is that interesting to you lovely people), I’ve found that there are not, as of yet, any clearly defined withdrawals that I can describe so much as there is just a slight undertone of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, for those uninitiated into Club Acronym) lurking […]