Commercials. Narrations. Audiobooks. Characters.

JW lends his voice to add life and character to your project. Do you need the voice of an adult male tenor/baritone with various timbres and intonations to spice up your advertisement, narration, audiobook, or character-based project? Contact me to find out more!

But let’s face it, you’re here for the voice samples. Without further ado, check out the samples below to hear what I can do!

Commercial Demo:

1) AT&T Broadband, 2) Movies, 3) Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, 4) Buick Enclave, 5) A1 Steak Sauce

Narration Demo:

1) “Albert Einstein” Biography, 2) “Humanly Possible” Inspirational Message, 3) “Social Security” Presentation Video, 4) “Air Processor 2000” Instructional Video


Contact me to find out about pricing for my writing or voiceover services, and let’s create something amazing together!