Darci the Drummer

Back in 2018, I released a self-published children’s book about music and drumming called “Darci the Drummer: Takes Drum Lessons”:

It’s about a girl named Darci who passionately wants to be a great drummer, and she makes a LOT of noise banging around on pots and pans and everything in between (much to the chagrin of her brother Danny), but she isn’t sure how to get started on that path to actually knowing how to play the drums. So, her parents surprise her with drum lessons!

It was available on Amazon for a good long while, but I’ve since taken the book off the market due to costs. However, if you’re in the Portland, OR area, stop by Music Millennium at 3158 E. Burnside and you might be able to grab your very own copy! And of course, I also have a limited number of copies here in Bakersfield, CA available for sale for $10.00 each.

Who knows? If there’s enough interest again down the road, perhaps I’ll give the book another go on Amazon! Check back here periodically for any updated news on that front. And in the meantime, I’m also working on other children’s stories that may one day catch the eye of a publisher or three… I’ll certainly update this page if anything like that happens, have no fear!

Welcome to my Writings

Whether a short story, random thought, song lyric, script, or the start of a book, I’ll occasionally post my writings or writing project links here. Feel free to comment or Contact Me to find out more, or to engage my writing services for your project!

Vagabond (Song)

Come away with me now
I will tell you a story
One as old as the stars
In the sky above

I remember it when
Though the memory is fading
My reality shrouded in
Shadow would be made new

Hints of a color, growing bright
Off in the distance, catch my eye
Grayscale now fleeing, blinded now seeing

Listen to my refrain
The world can be lonely
Desolation had seemed
To be my only friend

But then the wilderness formed
An oasis of purpose
As I looked in your eyes
And you took me by the hand

Forward we go now to worlds unknown
Faster and further, no unturned stone
Chains now receding, cold heart now beating
With you

Breathe in me
A free and selfless destiny
Our journey there has only just begun

I have come to the end
Of this magical story
One of hope in the midst
Of a dreary land

Lifted up as I am
I can look all around me
Other vagabonds come
So I reach out with my hand

Each has a story, none are the same
“Rest for a while, I am glad you came”
Fear now retreating, love now receiving

Come away with me now
Can you tell me your story
By the light of the stars
In the sky above

Human Like Me (Song)

Lightning gods
Come alive
In the sight of
Primate minds

Power brokers
Write the books
Heartstring hooks

Human like me
Human like you
Monkey stew

Human like you
Human like me
Bumbling around

Vicious fables
Kept in fear
Hate thy neighbor
End is near

Black or white
Gray is gone
Trampled on

Human like me
Human like you
Death evading
Comforting few

Human like you
Human like me
In retrospection
Delicate leaf

Real to me
No, your reality
No, my reality
No, this reality
No, what reality?

Shut your piehole
In silence hear
Open drawbridge
Expel the fear

Mirror to mirror
Labels release
Love in abundance
Alchemical peace

Human like me
Human like you
Fearful divided
Anxiety zoo

Human like you
Human like me
E pluribus unum

Paradox (Song)

Shuts my mouth again
Ice cold veins again
Paralyze me again

Too aware
Of my own biases
And many hypocrisies
Far be it from simple me
To impose my confusions on you

Do you care?
Why should I deign
To add one more refrain
To the bitter dark strains
Of humanity’s ego-filled brew?

(CHORUS x 1)

Do you know?
Is it wisdom or fear
That I’m dealing with here?
And I wish it were clear
In the midst of our shadowy view

Time to throw
The lots on the table
Many sides, many angles
So realize, if you’re able
The die are just idols of truth

(CHORUS x 2)


Let me caress the curves of your mind
As you show me your naked soul
May I kiss your luscious words
And taste the fullness of your being?

Let me slide into the softness of your spirit
And enter breathlessly into your thought
Left quaking by the power of your passion
Then soothed by the warmth of your heart

Let me dip my fingers in your wisdom
And savor the dripping honey of your love
May I ride the waves of your endless vibration
To be reborn in the climax of your grace?

You are there right now before me
Open completely to who I am
You bade me come safely, fully
You receive the measure of this man

I burst forth in rapturous wonder
Unable to hold back anymore
I am hereby rent all asunder
I am thrown down onto the floor

Your hands are quick to catch me
They lift me to your breast
Your heartbeat heals me wholly
And I enter thy blissful rest


As long as we continue to
Whore ourselves out to
[[[BIG DATA]]]
(The ceaselessly-mutating emission of Marketing’s eternal wet dream)
All in the name of
Fun and games, or
Connection, or
Hits of dopamine, or
Trading identity and privacy and
A mere commodity…
For money we’ll never see
Then we shall
~ FREE ~.

Where is the big EMP
In the sky
That will save us?


Earth ground you
Wind lift up your face
Sunlight revive you
Love, thy warm embrace

Rain cleanse you
Water quench your soul
Garden of life nourish you
Love make spirit whole

Ancient magic inspire you
New energy thus create
Wisdom permeate you
Love, thy constant state

Nature envelope you
Peace, your faithful friend
Understanding compel you
Love without an end

Save the World

Just imagine
How you can help save the world
Merely by:

  • Looking someone deep in their eyes
  • Telling them with utmost sincerity “I love you”
  • And drawing them into a full, warm embrace that lasts longer than three f*cking seconds?

Just minutes of your time
Could save someone’s soul, their sanity, their life.

Friends, family, strangers, enemies…
Love All.
Reflect Love.
Reciprocate Love.

And yes, we pencil & paper pontificators, we coffee shop philosophers, who write and speak and sing about Love:

We need Love too.

Joy Remembering

Joy is simple to find
If we but slow down a moment
And observe:

The song of the nesting finch.
The hum of the gathering bee.
Sun against a blue sky warming a cool, breezy day.
Intoxicating and transporting scents of eucalyptus and rosemary and sage.
A child’s laugh, free and full.
Change, growth, seasons.
Wisdom, Love.
Deep breaths after hard work.
Sensual delights, enjoyed in the moment.
The rhythms and alchemy of the Earth.

It comes from remembering
How much a part of Nature we are,
No more or less important
Than anything else in existence.

Free Love

Free Love.
From jealous gods
And paper myths.
From the endless pontification
Of insecure ego fiends
And sex-starved priests.

Free Love.
Transcend tradition.
Escape expectation.
Purge possessiveness.
Unleash understanding.

“Love is already free,” you say?

Then free yourself to Love.