Writings, Voiceovers, Music. The artistic creations of J.W. Bridgman.

I Create for You

Whether it’s WRITING books, short stories, or scripts; recording VOICEOVERS for commercial, narration, and character purposes; or creating MUSIC through drumming with my band… no matter what, I’m looking to create quality content, from the heart, for your enjoyment and benefit. Give me a shout if you’re looking for a JWB Creation!


After training with one of the best voices in the industry, I feel confident I can lend a unique, well-practiced, and clear voice to your commercial, narration, audiobook, or character-based project. Click here for samples!


Drumming has been a part of my life since I was about 8 or 9 years old. Mostly self-taught, I’ve learned a great deal just by watching some of the greats and attempting to play along to some of the music that connects deeply with me. My band, Art and the Resistance, is a great expression of multiple styles that resonate with me. Click here to see and hear more!


The love of writing was inspired, like many would say, by a certain beloved English teacher in high school. I’ve tried my hand at a number of different literature types: children’s books, short stories, scripts, music lyrics, and more. Check them out here!

Let’s Give Life To Your Project

I’m happy to talk about your commercial, narration, audio book, script, short story, and more, and how I can lend a needed voice or written word to help make it come to life!