There from the very beginning…

Born into a music-loving family, I cut my drumming teeth from an early age while my dad strummed his acoustic guitar and sang old country songs. I started out on small electronic drum pads in our church’s worship band, and quickly fell in love with playing music with other people over the years.

Through the experience of recording music in studios, I developed a passion for the work of audio engineering and mixing, so I started a little home studio called Westchester Sound Recording Studio around 2015. Luckily enough, this coincided with the formation of my current band “Art and the Resistance” in 2016, and I’ve worked on a full length album and a number of singles for the band since then. I’ve also worked on some projects for a few other solo artists and collaborations throughout that time. You can check out videos and samples of some of the music that my little home studio has produced below!

Music Project Resume:

Drumming/Drummed for:

“Celosa” – Art and the Resistance
“The Fonk” – Art and the Resistance
“Serenity” – Art and the Resistance
“Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)” – Art and the Resistance
“Letters” – Art and the Resistance
“Gusano” – Art and the Resistance